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Once in awhile, grown-up’s need a good play-date.  The best kind of play date (for me) involves a couple of cameras as well.  Terra Herring, of Terra Herring Photography graciously offered to take some newborn photos for me.  Having had two c-sections herself she knows what it is like and photographing a brand new baby is a bit challenging after you have had surgery.   I was so relieved that I would have a friend to take photos with, and that she would do a lot of the work.  I was able to take my camera as well and we had a blast in her natural light studio located in her home.  I took a lot of pull backs of her working, just for fun.

Terra and I have similar clients, (lots of babies and kids)  and slightly different styles.  I love her “look” and I had fun working with her, and seeing how she works.  She has a really neat natural light studio, I use indoor studio lighting (when shooting indoors),  we both shoot pretty open (wide apertures), and she really has her baby posing perfected where I am a little more loose.  I know we respect each other and our differences a lot, and I loved having August photographed by her.

I have been trying to do this blog post for awhile… August was just 10 days old here, and he is a month now. :)  I can’t wait to see all the images Terra captured as well.  Thanks Terra, I hope I can return the favor soon (not saying you are having a baby… just that I can help you out sometime)!

Below are the photos I took of August and Terra working.  I can’t wait to see what Terra got!

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March 2, 2011 - 8:15 AM

heidi - sounds like you guys had so much fun!!! can’t wait to see you! soon hopefully!

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