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I have felt so overwhelmed lately… Overwhelmed with life… lots of joys, tears, activities, sessions, and lots of juggling them all.  I feel like I am failing in almost every area at times and admit that I am just exhausted.

My business and photography are my escape, my joy, and give me so much fulfillment.  I feel so passionate about my job, and actually love it!  I feel so blessed to say that I truly love what I do.

My kids are my joy and passion too!  I love them more then words can even say. I tear up thinking about Charlotte going off to Kindergarten in the fall… just one more month with her at home with me.  I am really going to miss her! She is such a joy to be around.  Pierson is growing into such a fun little boy.  I love 3 year old’s. (even if he can be a stinker!)  He is full of questions, and makes me laugh about a zillion times a day.  He is also my firecracker and pretty ornery.  He is super sensitive and needs his mommy time.  I think he misses being my baby.  August is 5 months old now and already trying to crawl!  He gets up on all 4’s and starts rocking.  I don’t know what I will do once he is really getting around!  He is also teething right now and that makes for long days and nights.  His smile will just melt you, and everyone comments on how stinkin’ cute he is.  I get asked all the time if he is sleeping all night… well, I do wish he would, but I also really treasure the times in the night when we get to bond.  He is my last baby, and I want to soak up every baby moment that I can. So pretty much I am tired all the time. :)

All of that being said, I want to go back to my juggling act. My kids are my main priority…. maybe this makes me an awful business person, I honestly wish there were two of me sometimes but my kids come first.  Period. My husband and our marriage is a priority too!  We feel like we don’t even talk some days, and I don’t like that, so date night at least every-other week is a must.

My photography business isn’t going anywhere… I am doing my best right now at trying to do it all!  Sometimes I feel like I am failing at everything…

How can I keep this up?  I don’t know …. so I am making some changes!  Yayyyy!:)  Believe me they are good for everyone.

One session a week. That’s it (not 2 not 3..)… but there’s more!!  I have been doing lots of thinking, with the mush that I do have left for a brain.  I love photographing kids/families/seniors, and I love photographing MY kids doing FUN things.  So…I am going to do more of what I call Storybook Sessions.  These will be scheduled months in advance so you will know what is coming up.  They come with digital files and lots of specialty product ordering options.  They are going to be an experience… like Disneyland and we are going to have a blast together.  Here is a list of ideas so far… (feel free to e-mail me your ideas too!)

-Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed – A big bed under a tree with lots of pillows… great for siblings or families or even just one or 2 kids.

-Vintage Tea Party – great for all ages of little girls with bears, dolls, or just friends

– Super Hero! – What little boy doesn’t want to be a super hero?(and some girls!)

– Bubble Party

-Watermelon Wagon – (little red wagon + watermelons)

– Fall Pumpkin Patch – Families, kids, fun at a pumpkin patch

-Hat and Scarf Studio Party – Winter time shoot on an all white backdrop with bright hats and scarves.

– Tiptoe Through the Tulips (third year!)

-Sofa Sessions -Families Siblings

– Alley Cat – cool kids session (think leather jackets, tutu’s, bandanna’s in a sweet alley location)

I have more ideas floating around in my head too.  These sessions will be FUN, and very interactive.  Some will be for all ages, some will be specific ages, and some will be for the family.  I will eventually add on some sessions for high school seniors as well that will be very specialized, and just different.  The one session a week can be anything, senior, newborn, baby, kids, family and the storybook session will be monthly, or bimonthly with lots of special products and pricing.

I am doing what I love!  And I can keep doing it.  I just have to set my boundaries and limits. (because sleep is good too!)  I think in the end it makes me a much better photographer/business woman too.

Thanks to all my clients for making my job fun, and for being patient as I adjust to life with three kids!  I truly wouldn’t change anything.

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July 11, 2011 - 7:43 PM

Lindsey - You are doing an amazing job at everything, Amy! God has truly blessed you with your talents and your family!

July 11, 2011 - 8:53 PM

Erin - Yay – this sounds like a fantastic idea!! :-) And I totally want to do a family couch session!

July 11, 2011 - 9:25 PM

Carly - Amy,
I admire you as a Christian mother, wife, and friend….always doing what you do best! You will never regret the choices you are making, they are truly after God’s own heart. Your photography business is not going anywhere, your family is…..enjoy each day, small moments, big moments, the moments that take your breath away. No regrets my friend, stay true to you! Thanks for helping me capture all of those mommy moments that take my breath away!

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