Solid food…and sorry I am behind.

I am behind on editing.  I am behind on e-mailing.  I am behind on orders and invoicing.  Ahhhhhhh!  I try to stay up late, but Auggie has decided that he needs to be up all night, no exageration.  I have seriously never met a baby that didn’t want to sleep like him.. ok, maybe I have, I remember now, and it was his brother.  (big sigh…Pierson didn’t sleep all night for 11 months.) This too shall pass. (I know, I know)  I honestly feel like a zombie person, and I bet I don’t look much better.  In his defense he is teething, and growing, and just too cute to ignore.  I have heard lots of debates on letting babies “cry it out” and even if I thought it would be helpful to let him self sooth, I can’t do it… my maternal instincts I guess.  He is going to start going to a sitter a little bit a couple times a week so that will help.  Big brother and big sister are starting kindergarten and preschool so that will help too with daytime hours and editing.

The good news!  Your photos aren’t going anywhere! (they are backed up twice!)  The even better news:  I have help!  Yes, that’s right, I have some one (ssshhhhhh it’s a secret more on her later!) to help me with the things I seriously stink at.  She will be doing my sales, ordering, and helping you decorate your home with images that will hopefully turn your living space into something really special.  This will allow me to edit and turn things around much quicker.  More good news: I am feeling so bad that I usually include a couple free prints with all my orders.:)

So… I am so sorry for making you wait.  I HATE being behind, and I really don’t like the way I feel right now.  It isn’t fun.  I know that change is in the air… kinda like the fall.  And change is sooooo good.  On that note, here is a little pic of my little stinker.  Gosh I love him, and I am so glad he was born.  Sleep is for the birds anyway.

note:  This isn’t an original idea for a pic, I have seen lots of other photographers do this about the time a baby is eating solids.  I love the idea though… just didn’t want to take credit for originality.

note #2: I didn’t pump all that milk if you were wondering, it is just prop milk from a cow.

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August 19, 2011 - 2:00 PM

Miriah - Oh my gosh he is just too darn cute! Oh my, oh my! And your milk comment cracked me up!!!!! I am so glad that you have help! These seasons can seem endless. But I know and you know how amazing even the craziest, sleep deprived moments are!! Love you and miss you!

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