pics for the kids.

Chances are, if I am photographing your baby or kid(s), and you are there… I will ask you to jump in a picture with them sometime during the shoot!  I do this to mom’s and dad’s all the time.  This isn’t to create a bigger sale, it is because your kids will really want to see pics of you and them someday.  I love capturing this connection between babies and momma’s, dad’s and their little girls, or big boys being swung in-between his parents who were totally unprepared to be in a photograph.   I don’t really care if your clothing is perfect or your hair is just right, it is just about a connection and I really try to capture that as best as I can.  As I am typing this I am thinking that I really need to hand the camera off more and get pics of me and my kids, and I am already making excuses in my head about the way I look and why I am the one behind the camera (see we all do it…make silly excuses).  I also need to do some fun daddy baby and kids pics with Bryson.  Sometimes I take my own advice, I am going to plan an outing just for this reason, and my fancy schmancy camera is coming along.:)

Today I took some pics of Jagger… Isn’t he sooooo sweet?

Then I made Amanda (mommy) jump in for a few pics… I think she always looks great, but just adding that connection with her boy makes her glow!  (I swear it isn’t all photoshop!) Just be warned…. if you book a session for your kid, you might as well put on a little lip gloss and mascara.:)

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August 26, 2011 - 2:39 PM

Mindy Sieve - Amy you do such a fantastic job !! These are great pictures of Jagger and Manda.

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