I found this book at Uptown Treasures here in my home town of Holton. I bought it, and a couple of others to decorate some shelves with.  I didn’t notice anything that interesting about it until I got home and opened it up. It is a history book that has a child hand writing inside the front cover that says “Cecile Brown 726 Wis. Ave, Holton Kansas.  I have no idea who Cicile Brown is or was, but 726 Wisconsin is just one block from here.  The copy right date inside the front cover is 1893.  That was sure a long time ago!  I have driven by that house many times and it is a beautiful older home probably built about the same time as ours.

I am not really a history buff, but I do love history!  I think it started with my American Girl doll Samantha Parkington, who I saved up my money for and split the cost with my parents for Christmas one year. I loved reading about the different time periods in her stories and I always thought that it would be amazing to go back in time, for just a few days to see how people lived and wear the fancy dresses that little girls wore and experience life in that era.  In high school my favorite class was American History.  Mr. Beam was an amazing teacher, and I really learned, and loved learning in that class even thought it was probably one of the hardest classes I ever took.  I still remember creating my display on Roanoke, the lost civilization, and getting an A.

Our home was built in 1890, and I think that is why I fell in love with it.  There are stories of a U.S. Senator living in it, and rumors (I choose to believe) about the old barn hosting traveling shows.  An even bigger rumor (that I choose to believe as well, because I can if I want :)) is that Will Rogers himself performed in the loft of our barn.  Is it true???? I really have no idea, but I like to think so.  I am still looking for his signature among the 100’s of signatures in the loft of the barn.  So many families lived here, and there are so many stories that this house could tell if houses could talk.  It has see two of my three kids come home from the hospital.  We have spent many evenings on the porch swing getting August to sleep to the music of the locus or the rhythm of the rain.  It is also one of our favorite places for bed time stories with Pierson and Charlotte.  The giant oak tree has an amazing tire swing {thanks to my Eagle Scout neighbor Bryce} that has seen hours of swinging by now.  Sigh…I love it here.  Why would we ever move?  I think we are just ready for the country so it is time for us to sell.  This house will always be so special to me and I know the next owners will love it too.  This isn’t a plug to try to sell this house… in fact if it doesn’t sell for awhile, that is fine with me.  I love it here.  I just felt like sharing, and finding that old book made me think and appreciate where I live today.


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