Bringing up my boys…

Charlotte is at school everyday now.  After I cross the street with her, she kisses my hand and I kiss her hand so she can put it on her cheek for a kiss anytime that day.  (it is from a book called “The Kissing Hand”) Then I watch her walk/bounce down the sidewalk to school… she usually turns around to wave, walks a few more steps and turns around and waves again and doesn’t go inside until I am in the van and out of sight.  It makes me tear up everyday!  She is so sweet!  I am really missing her, but she loves school so much!  I can’t wait to hear about her day when she gets home.

The boys go to a {wonderful} sitter two days so I can work during day time hours, and Pierson goes to preschool the other two mornings for three hours.  The rest of the time, it is just me and them at home.  We like to go on walks, and we play all sorts of fun games.  The other day I had to be a buck {giant boy deer} while Pierson shot at me with his nurf bow and arrow, then I had to lay down and pretend to be dead…. killed by the mighty hunter Pierson Isaiah.  August loves to bounce and cuddle crawl and pull up on everything.  I don’t get a lot of work time in when they are home.  They are my priority and it is so much fun being a mommy to these little boys.  They are sticky, they are always making BIG messes, often naughty, but they are so worth every peanut butter and jelly kiss and spit up soaked shirt have to I change out of.  I don’t mind pretending to be a deer that gets shot at, and I love nap time so much because it is quiet for maybe an hour out of my crazy day….I love my boys.


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