Robin Hood and his lady Maid Marion

Today is the day we trick-or-treat… I don’t know why but I get really excited to dress the kiddo’s up.  It is fun to watch them transform into their character and really play the part… I love that about childhood.  Pretending and imagination are outgrown way too fast these days, and I really want to capture these moments while I can.

Anyway, Pierson wanted to be Robin Hood, and I love having them coordinate so I asked Charlotte if she would rather be Maid Marion then a cow girl.  Once she saw the picture of the pretty dress and the pink vale she was sold on the idea.  My mom did an amazing job on the costumes… I am NOT at all a seamstress {at all} and my kids are so lucky to have such a talented grandma!  I could have made August Little John but he is a lion because I had the costume already and it is so cute! Anyway, on the Disney version of Robin Hood King Richard was a lion right, I will just say that is who he is.  Pics of the lion to come… he isn’t feeling very well so hopefully by tonight he will be a happy lion… or King Richard… whatever right?

He really is this expressive… no joke!

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November 2, 2011 - 12:23 PM

Camillia - How fun! Someday you’ll just look back and be so happy you did so much creativity with the kids. They really got into character. They are pure storybook! Love them all!

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