My own family photo…

Every year, at least once I attempt to get in on a photo of our family… that way I am in photos too with my cute kids and studly man.  It isn’t my favorite thing being on the other end side of the camera because I loose control… yikes, I just admitted that I am a bit of a control freak.  Anyway, I set it up on a tripod with my desired f-stop, shutter speed, white balance, and zoom and my mom clicked the shutter. {Thanks momma!} Pierson {my sensitive one} was cold and if he is a bit uncomfortable he likes to let us know…. very loudly. {This kid wants me to cut tags out of his clothes because they “hurt”, and cries when he hears a firetruck…yes, highly sensitive.}  Anyway, I tried every bribe I could follow through with, and we finally got a smile.  I kinda like the non smile pic though because that is how it is… it is real life and it is captured.

Today I am in the middle of mass chaos of what life is right now… holiday orders and deadlines, my e-mail account just randomly decided not to work, packaging orders, invoicing clients, August has a double ear infection, and is getting 4 teeth in right now, working on billboards, and birth announcements, and attempting to answer the phone with my voice that decided to go away the other night, Piersons chicken and noodle lunch “accidentally” went on the floor, and I just finished sweeping up baking soda and pretzels that the youngest Cyphers boy dumped out while I was dealing with the first big mess.  Oh yeah, and the floors were just mopped yesterday… {why even bother?}  I am hopeful that nap time will be a success.  I am not telling you my day so you will feel bad for me, it is just life!  I do have a babysitter 2 days and it is great to just focus on work and feel like a showered and sane adult.  I wouldn’t trade the crazy days or the calm ones, it is just a balancing act.  Sometimes I am good at it, and sometime I really stink at it. Lately I feel like I am stinking at it.  Pierson asked me to rub his back a little bit ago and sing him “sleep sleep, little Pierson sleep”.   I did my best with my adolescent boy sounding voice, and we both giggled at the way it cracked.  Then I remembered again that I love love love being a mom even if I am sometimes covered in snot and other things.  They don’t care at all about my editing or packaging.  So on mom days, I am mostly mom, that’s just how it has to be.   My own Christmas cards might end up being Happy New Years cards or better yet Valentines. I can live with that.

I am doing a little business revising at the end of this year.  I do this every year and every year I like what I do more.  I focus on the parts I am passionate about, and drop things I am not good at.  I am excited to sit down and have a meeting with myself, then another meeting with Bryson.   I also am really excited go to Imaging USA this year.  It is an annual photographers conference that I have always been too pregnant to go to.   I am hoping to be inspired and educated.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!  I feel much better now!  I am going to do a “catch up” post of all the awesome families and beautiful children I have photographed and haven’t blogged about SOON.  There are so many I want to share and I can’t wait to get that done… but first, I really do need a nap today!

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December 14, 2011 - 3:14 PM

Erin - I love ALL your family pics – those are great!

December 15, 2011 - 8:41 AM

Betsy Gilliland - Amy-Every challenge I throw your way, you are always game to try! Thank you for being sooo flexible! Add that to being capable and talented! LOVE your work!

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