2012 Brainstorm session

2011 left me filling very drained, and a little burned out.  I am sure lots of photographers experience this after the holiday rush, this year was just particularly bad.  My kids were sick… not all at once, but usually one at a time, and I was stressed, tiered, and emotional from it all.  I even had a muscle twitch on my eyelid that lasted 4 days from not sleeping. (talk about annoying!)

Every cloud has a silver lining right?  Thank goodness…

Today I started the day with coffee (of course!) and a pad of paper.  I wrote down everything, not just business goals, but personal goals as well.  I don’t want to be known as the really great photographer that is really really behind and slow.  I feel like that is what I am right now, and I hate that.  I have to change the way I work, and I am excited about the changes.

Boundaries…. I didn’t have any….well, I thought I did but I really wasn’t honoring myself, God, or my family because I said “yes” to too much.  This year is all about living more simply, and having boundaries.

I have been de-cluttering our home (toys, clothes, socks …I know socks are clothes too, but I have to mention them specifically because I don’t like them so much.) and de-cluttering my computer, and my mind.  There are too many things going on and I have to cut some out.

Here are some if the things written on my pad of paper…


What do I want my business/photography to be known for in my area?


-Children and family specialty (custom) photographer

-specific style and specific in what I say yes to for sessions

-providing a quality product and image

-planning with the family before the session their needs and wants for their home

-providing a great experience with the session


What are my business goals?

-work on a special project once a week (stay tuned for more on this!)

-sales sessions in the studio to help with decision making

-no working on days when the kids are home with me (at all!!!)

-planning my week before it begins

-hiring someone to do my bookkeeping, and possibly sales sessions and ordering

-exercising and sleeping more (this is under personal and business!)


Personal goals


-Exercise! Sleep!

-Spend quality time with God everyday, even if it is just reading bible stories to my kids

-date night with Bryson at least 2 times a month

-photograph more nature and get really artistic…for fun!

-draw and paint for fun!

-keep up with laundry … and throw away all the socks (go to wal-mart and buy more socks)

-cook supper more often (plan meals before the week begins)

-print all of 2011’s snapshots of our family.

-Work with Bryson on designing our home we want to build someday, and compromise (ouch!) on what I want (I want beauty, he wants efficient… artist and engineer collide!)

So, why share this with you?  Because I need to.  You are holding me accountable now…. and I want to be open and honest with you.  I love what I do for a job, and I want to keep on loving it.  I am so passionate about art, specifically photography and I am not very good at this business stuff.  Growing pains are hard, and pretty painful!  Thanks for sticking with me through them.  As always, I am honored to be your photographer, and I am excited to start fresh in 2012.

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January 11, 2012 - 1:56 PM

Karen - You are so smart to re-evaluate your life and set priorities. We all have to stop and make course corrections from time to time…probably more than once a year. As a self-employed artist when my children were small, I also had to make those decisions every week about how to spend my time. Looking back, I don’t regret one moment that I chose to be with my children (and not work). On the other hand, as a creative type, I also understand the desire and the need (yes, I said need) to be creative. It’s a part of who we are and how we express ourselves. I believe it is a gift from God, and it’s essential to make time for developing and using our gifts (at least in a civilization where we’re not in survival mode). It’s all about perspective and priorities and you’re doing good!

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