My baby boy is 1

I wasn’t this sad with the other two…. when they turned 1 I didn’t shed a tear, I was excited, we were closer to lots of fun new adventures with big kids!  It is different this time…..It is different because August is our {final} baby, and our baby is turning into a toddler.  I can’t begin to tell you how hard this year was for me {and us!}.  3 kids was a big adjustment.  I had to re-prioritize everything.  I feel like I have been stretched in every way possible…  This year was hard, yes, but it was also so wonderful.  August Reid has really made our family complete.  He is such a happy baby, and brings me so much joy daily.  He is so free with his big smiles and I hope he never stops hugging my neck so tight like he does.  He is seriously like a little koala…. I don’t even need to hang on. {but I do}

Charlotte and Pierson love him and often times I find all three in his crib before I get out of bed.  They are laughing and having a great time playing together.  It is those moments as a mom I think my heart could just burst.

Bryson isn’t as sad as I am… he likes big kids and has a lot more fun once they can stomp around the woods with him.  Tonight when he held a newborn we were visiting he did say… “I miss this, just a little, but not enough to have another one.”:)

Thank you God for such a sweet little boy.
Here is my little video tribute to Augusts first year. I don’t feel so bad now that I haven’t filled out his baby book {like at all} and I hope that this will do.


Here is a link to last years blog post and his birth story.

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February 3, 2012 - 2:28 PM

Keri Brucken - Wow… what an amazing first year video! It makes me want to cry b/c I know how fast they grow up!! I love the pictures and videos… they grow up so fast, which is amazing to see, but so sad that they don’t go back to being small! :o) Congrats on a beautiful family!

March 4, 2012 - 8:21 PM

Kristy - Love this! Love August! He’s just so sweet! Great job on the video!

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