That’s right…. the big 30!

My mom took this picture of me when I was 19 months at the Topeka Zoo.  She entered it in a photography contest called the Kodak International Snap-shot Awards that was in Topeka Capitol Journal and won the people category!  Pretty cool!  I love it because it really is a great photograph, but also because I think I look so much like August.  (Do you think so??)


I love Facebook on my birthday, it makes me feel so loved!  I know it is strange, but my phone has been exploding with dings from birthday greetings and every time I feel the love.  Facebook friends are my real friends!  Don’t tell me otherwise!

I admit… I have been dreading this day and looking forward to it at the same time.  The big 3-0!  When I was 19 that was OLD…. like drinking your pureed food from a straw old, or giant diaper old.  (ok not really THAT old, but it sounded pretty old)  Today I have decided to embrace it…. I can’t change it, and I think that my 30’s are going to be great!  Up to this point life has had it’s challenging moments, but I feel like we are getting there… does that make sense?  Maybe things will start to get easier…?  My cousin Matt pointed out that actors are at their best in their 30’s, and I think that it’s true, though they can get pretty much any procedure money can buy if they start to look or feel old.  Professionally maybe in my 30’s I will be taken more seriously… The old photographers always think I am a teenager still, or that I don’t know anything about business.  Maybe I can start to shop in the women’s department instead of Juniors now… I cross over once and awhile anyway and am starting to find some of that stuff sort of cute too.

Anyway, it hasn’t been a bad day… I did look a little too closely in the mirror to check for wrinkles and I thought to myself “not bad for 30”.  LOL

Charlotte and Pierson sang me “Happy Birthday”, and August gave me the biggest wettest smooch ever.  Bryson gave me a gift and a card that would have been funny if I were turning 60!! :)  My mom (aka The Best Cook Ever) made me an awesome meal and the most amazing chocolate cake ever.  I got to chat with my birthday twin, Uncle Jeff (he turned 50 today!) and over all it was a great day!

I honestly feel like God is just getting started with me,  and I can’t wait to find out what will happen next and how He will use my life for His glory.  Besides 30 is just a number right? 

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March 4, 2012 - 8:14 PM

Kristy - Very fun to see these photos. I remember seeing the one your mom took of you at the zoo in your photo album. I’ve never seen a young version of your dad and I love the one of you with the hose!

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