The Taylor kids

I always have fun with these kiddo’s.  It is awesome to have kids really warm up to me too, they know how to smile and I am not a stranger to them… the Taylor kids are so fun to work with!  Paula (their mom) and I are kindred spirits (in Anne of Green Gables terms)… She has three kids too and has told me that I never have to apologize or explain anything, because she knows what happens to a persons brain after 3 kids.  (If you don’t know what happens, it isn’t good… all that college education, it’s just gone, that thing you needed to remember this morning, yeah it’s gone too, who knows where the keys are and someone is always missing a shoe or has to go #2 when you should be out the door….mush for brains basically.)  I like her.

We took some fun outdoors pics that were supposed to be critter photos with real critters but the cats weren’t feeling photogenic.  We did get a couple with them in the end though!  Then off to the studio to do a quick Superhero Session (Captain America) with Carson.  He rocked it.:)  I can’t wait to sit down and show all of these images to them.  They were so fun and it was a perfect day for it. 

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