Pierson the Painter

There was so much to do today… I had to get a little room painted that we are putting a washer and dryer in, and several ordering session’s ready for clients to view with two little boys at home.  Pierson asked me if he could help paint as I was prepping the room…. so I said “sure, why not!”. (my first thought was to say “no” and to try to get him to nap, but I didn’t expect him to last long.)

I gave him his own small paint roller and a section of the wall to paint.  I showed him how to roll the paint on the wall and how to be careful not to drip on anything or hit the trim…. He started in and worked really hard to cover his little area of the wall.  Pierson’s typical attention span is maybe 3 minutes (a few more then that when he is watching spider-man) and sticking to a task like picking up toys is just painful for him.  I honestly thought he would quit with in 10 minutes… but he didn’t!  He painted with me for an hour… we actually finished together!  It was so awesome to watch him work.  He did a good job too!  I did a quick roll over his section for a second coat but I hardly even needed to do that!  I am beaming right now thinking about it, the look of pride in his eyes when he showed Bryson what he did will never be forgotten.  It was amazing.

I love all my children the same, they are all different, and so uniquely created.  Pierson has been my challenging one from the day he was born, he was so fussy, and such a hard baby the whole first year, he seemed to be over stimulated at the slightest thing.  Year two came with even more challenges… I felt almost trapped by him at times because he was so fearful of noises and different environments and he didn’t like any kind of routine change.  It just didn’t seem worth it to get out some days.  He is three and a half  now and I feel like we have turned a corner; he is doing a really good job coping with his fears, and talking to me about them.  We often say a verse at night  “God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but power and of love, and a sound mind.” {2 Timothy 1:7}  He is so much better!  Life is so much better!  Today I got choked up at how happy he was helping me paint and enjoying the job at hand.  I am going to miss these moments when he is bigger, and I loved that he was so focused and serious about his job.  Of course I had to take a picture…. he wanted me to!  He got some paint on himself, but I really liked the look.:)  He bumped me a couple times with his roller while we were busy painting and said in his serious voice “Oh, sorry mom… sorry about that.” We are both messy painters so it’s no big deal… well not if you clean it off pretty quickly anyway.   This little boy has my heart, and he always will.

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March 4, 2012 - 8:12 PM

Kristy - Adorable! What a special memory for you both to have together!

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