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When I first had the idea of Story Book Sessions, I wrote down every fairytale that came to my mind… Little Red Riding Hood was the very first one I wrote down.  I could see the images in my mind that I wanted to take, and red is such a stunning color I knew I had to try it.  That was like 2 year ago, and I finally found my spot!

Bryson and I were walking in the woods and he said “Do you want to see the grassy knoll?” and I was like “Isn’t that in Texas?”… He took me to this section of the forest that was absolutely enchanted.  (I’m such a dreamer… I know)  There were ferns everywhere, and besides this spot everything else around for miles was still brown!  Anyway, I knew I had to take photos here ASAP!

This isn’t my busy season.  Besides a few newborns, I am really not swamped.  My camera has been begging me to play the last few days so today I took the kids to “The Grassy Knoll” right as the light was starting to tun into that golden evening light that I love so much.  It was a quick little shoot because we had a birthday party to get to, but so much fun.  We will go play there again soon!  I think I may do some of the boys here too…maybe as lost boys (Peter Pan), and hopefully a client or two will feel adventurous enough to go to this spot. I am mad at Bryson for not telling me about it sooner!  I guess he likes to hunt turkeys from here too.  Anyway, it was refreshing to my spirit to do an outdoor session on such an awesome day….and one of my favorite subjects too!

Pierson and Auggie were playing so well right behind me… Suddenly I didn’t know where Pierson went, then he jumped up and yelled “boo” then laughed hysterically.  It was pretty awesome.  I love that kid. He was having so much fun playing in the ferns, and watering them… if ya know what I mean. (boys!)

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