Turnip flowers.

After homework, and after the boys are in bed Charlotte and I have been reading a book together… not just any book though, a book with 9 chapters.  We take turns reading 2 pages at a time, and she is doing really well!  Kindergarten has been so good for Charlotte.  It was a tough decision sending her, since she has a July birthday.  In the end we feel like it was time for her to go.  She is thriving, and has such a joy for learning.  Charlotte has a wonderful teacher in Mrs. Hundley, and I know that is where a lot of her excitement has come from.  We haven’t had any regrets sending her.

Tonight I wanted to take pictures… I didn’t really have a goal in mind, and sometimes I work best that way.  I was hoping to get some images of Charlotte and Pierson.  I didn’t think August would go for it since he had been cranky all day.  Pierson let me take one photo of him and hid when I tried to take more…. so Charlotte was my only willing subject.

Pierson brought a globe to play with I had just purchased at a garage sale with future preschool pictures in mind.  I hadn’t planned on using it for a prop but it ended up being part of the shoot.  Art is subjective, so it would be interesting to hear what captions a girl in a lace romper holding a globe would bring up.  My mind immediately went to this year, and her growth as a student and learner.  Earth-week was last week… but I am not the greenest person in the world so I hesitate to even go there.  (We are trying to be greener!!  I just don’t want to claim that we are a “totally green family”… I mean we used like 500 diapers this year, and they were definitely not cloth.)  The summer Olympics are coming up, so maybe that is another option for a theme with the globe…. I think I will just say it was because her world has grown so much this year in Kindergarten… I like that one best.  Anyway, I am glad Pierson brought a globe. It was perfect.

Okay, and the yellow flowers… any guesses?  My husband likes to plant food plots.  What’s a food plot you ask?  Well, it’s a plot of food for the pretty little deer to eat, and grow big giant antlers.  I guess deer like turnips.  (Yuck!) So we have like a million turnip plants, and wouldn’t you know, they are pretty!  They were crawling with lady-bugs, and the kids had fun catching lots of those, and trying to bring one “friend” in to the van.

My kids are my inspiration, they drive me to create and play, and I know God more because of the beauty and light they help me see.  I am so inspired by their love and imagination, and they help me remember to enjoy the small things.  We always smell flowers when we walk by them on our way to the park, eat cookie dough while we are baking, and look closely at a lady-bug’s spots.  They are amazed by the lines a jet plane leaves behind, and the way our toes feel when we plant flowers in the garden.  Bedtime stories, and juicy kisses, and just saying “I love you” any time of day.  I love being a mom, and because of them I love being a photographer and artist too.

I probably shouldn’t mention that my middle one decided to pee down the curly slide at the park (after smelling the flowers on the way there)… sigh… motherhood is wonderful, and completely insane at the same time.  {Don’t worry, I did clean it up!}

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