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Today I was thinking about why I absolutely love photography…. and why I want to stick it out in this industry even though times are harder for professional photographers.  Then it hit me, I love telling stories, only I am not a writer, I love to tell stories with pictures.  Nothing gives me more pleasure then storytelling with images, and creating art. Hopefully that is why you hire me.. to tell your story too.

Photography is a part of me, and I can’t go a day, hardly even a couple hours with out taking a picture with my camera, phone, or mind {I even make a clicking sound in my head sometimes, and blink at the same time when I want to remember a moment, hopefully imprinting that image in my memory bank somewhere…..strange huh?}  I am a super visual person.

Growing up, and even now I can’t bring myself to read a book with an awful cover… I know, I know, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover…” well I do, sorry but it is the truth. I can’t go into a store with an awful sign… maybe they have nice cloths, but I will never know! {Branding is majorly a big deal to me, and I struggle with my own “brand” constantly.}

Being such a visual person can be a curse:

1.  I look like a crazy stalker when I drive… I am ALWAYS scouting for new places to shoot, and I am always looking for “good light”.  Areas you have driven by a million times before and might not have noticed anything unique, I probably can find something sweet about it.

2.  Fonts. I can’t rest until I know that font!  {this curse goes way back to my BFA in graphic design and working as a graphic artist… I am obsessed with fonts.}

{On a side note, Apple now has an app called “What the Font”, you just scan the letters and it will tell you the font!  I am sleeping much better now.}

3.  I am too quick to judge… If something isn’t ascetically pleasing I am bad about judging too quickly based on what I see, not what I know or don’t know. {God has changed me some in this area after much prayer and pleading.}

4.  People always resemble animals to me.  I use to draw my professors as the animals they looked like and if I was in church and the preacher had a “look” I had to think really hard about what animal he was… causing me to miss most of the sermon usually. Oh, don’t ask me what animal you are next time I see you… because I don’t want to tell you, and you might not want to know!

5.  Pretty sure I have ADD as well… can you tell?

Anyway… enough about me… sheesh.   Tonight Charlotte was playing with my old horses I gave her from when I was little, she was being so cute and I happened to glance out the window behind her… oh my, the Golden Hour was about to begin!  We couldn’t miss that yummy light!  Quickly I had her change into a new dress from Zulilly {we had just gotten it in the mail} and as soon as Bryson got home I kissed him and told him Charlotte and I were going to go play for a bit.  I needed a break from the youngest Cyphers boy that only napped for 30 minutes today, and supper was in the oven so out we went for a few minutes and this is what I got. {They were taken in our yard, and in the alleyway across the street.}  After the boys were put to bed, I let Charlotte help me edit them.  She is pretty good!  She made her own eyes sparkle in the picture below, and I showed her how to add a touch of pink to her lips and cheeks.  I may have to start paying her to do some editing for me.:)

It may seem that Charlotte is my favorite child by the pictures I post… well, she is my favorite subject right now, the boys don’t want anything to do with my camera.  They are still being broken in I guess.  Pierson… he smiles funny right now and refuses to follow direction, and Auggie, he wants to climb on me and I can’t focus on someone that close to my camera.  I have accidentally bonked the poor guy with my lens a few times. He’s at an age that I put most kids in a crate they can’t get out of for photos, only it just ticks him off because he knows that trick already. ANYWAY.  I love them all equally. :)

This post is a lot wordier then most, I know, but I wanted to mention one more thing.  I have been trying to figure out how to make this blog more interesting.  I think I am going to start adding photography tips, kids crafts, outdoor family fun, cooking with kids, and also some devotional inspiration from God or bible verses that have really spoken to my heart that I should share with you.  This blog shouldn’t be all about me me me, and I feel like it is.  I really want to change that.


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May 24, 2012 - 7:34 AM

Dan Robinson - Amy,

Reading this blog entry of yours today was refreshing. I share most of your compulsions. It was also reassuring to see some of the other photos that you posted here. The one on the link in Facebook has that lens flared – maybe done with some “sweetly named” preset – “look” that is popular with lots of folks these days left me wondering – is this style of photo all that I am going to see from this photographer? The other photos show that you can do both – it is all too easy to become addicted to what is “popular” and not know how such things actually happen “naturally” in the photographic process.

Anyway, keep telling stories! This is what it is all about.


Dan Robinson

May 24, 2012 - 11:30 AM

Melissa - Amy — I love your blog! I have never felt like it was about just you…it’s about your art, your business, your kids, and your clients.

That said, I wouldn’t mind a few photography tips now and then :) Your images are so lovely. And I live too far away to come to one of your classes!

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