I love Instagram… in fact I may be a little bit of a iPhone addict.  (Admitting it is the first step right??)  Can you believe that in my whole life I haven’t used a point and shoot digital camera?  We have one… somewhere… but I never have really taken pictures with it.  My DSLR is what I used for everything because I couldn’t stand the horrible quality of the point and shoot we owned.  Instagram on my iPhone has changed me.  I shoot all the time!  I drive my kids crazy, but it is just who I am, or the monster I have become, if you want to look at it that way.

Anyway, I love capturing the everyday and not hauling my DSLR everywhere.  I still do haul it many times, but I also am really enjoying photographing with my phone this summer and capturing moments that I wouldn’t have been prepared for if I didn’t have my phone on me. Charlotte asked me yesterday; “Mom, why do you like to take so many pictures of us?”  I told her that I can’t keep her the size that she is so I have to take lots and lots of pictures so I can always remember her and her brothers the way they are right now.  Then I went to my bedroom and cried because they really are growing up way to fast.

If you want to follow me on Instagram I am abe2882 … just be warned… I shoot a lot.:)

Here is our summer so far… It has been so busy!! (and this is just a fraction!)

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