Charlotte 6 years old

This week has been major in this little girls life.  Charlotte lost her first official loose tooth, rode her bike with out training wheels, and is heading to first grade on Thursday.  She just seems to be trying to grow up too fast!

Lately our family has been going through lots of crazy business and change.  It isn’t bad, it’s good stuff.  I can’t really say much yet though… soon I hope!

Anyway, my juggling has gotten harder lately.  There are too many things going on in my mind and life and I need to keep a manageable workload before I fall to far behind.  This fall I won’t be taking on more then a couple more sessions.  September is already pretty booked and October is getting there as well.  I can’t add much to that at this time. Just an FYI… fall is my busiest season for photography, and I can’t be too busy this year. {I am bummed, but this is just how it has to be.} If you are needing a session for a newborn or are part of the Cherish Collection, call me, but if you can wait until early winter, or even spring I would appreciate your business at those times.  If you are on the books, no worries!  You have a session.

Anyway, on to some photos.  I was completely stressed out and instead of running a couple miles to clear my mind like I should have, I decided I needed to be creative and go take some pictures.  Charlotte just had a birthday so I needed to photograph her anyway.  I wouldn’t take a regular client to this location they would freak out… it is on some land we own, and every time we drive by this crazy wood pile all I can think about is photographing it so I finally did.  I made sure that there weren’t any snakes and I set Charlotte in a very sturdy spot among the limbs.  It doesn’t look safe, but where I have her it actually is just fine.  I sat on it, bounced, and hit it with a stick a few times.  She was in a bad mood and didn’t really want to take pictures {she is usually so willing!!!}, BUT her mood was actually perfect for this location. {lucky me… LOL}  These dead trees wouldn’t look right with bubbly happy child so I kinda let her work the natural pout she had going for her.  I decided I need to do this at least once a month… just shoot for me, and get creative with my locations and editing.  It helps me to think outside the box, experiment with my tools, and it stretches me as an artist.  

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