Merry Christmas, from the Cyphers Family

What a year!  I didn’t get Christmas cards sent… I have a million excuses, but I feel bad.  So today I decided to write a Christmas blog, and hope that everyone that reads it will feel like they got our card.  Hey, at least you don’t have to throw it away later, and we are saving trees right? Hummm.  Anyway!  I love and appreciate you! Family, Friends, clients, blog followers, fellow photographers, church family… whoever you are, we are blessed to know you, and have you in our lives.

Last night after my mom’s birthday meal (She’s a Christmas Eve baby) we went to church to the Christmas candle light service.  My third child, the one who is almost two and living up to the reputation of a typical two year old already, yeah him, well he was being very bad.  I had to take the embarrassing walk of shame to the back of the church and sit in the lobby, where he was equally naughty.  I couldn’t help but wish that he would act a little more like Jesus at 2 years old.  Can you imagine having a perfect child?  One that didn’t sin??? Gosh I would have hated to have been his sister or brother… born with a sinful nature, in need of a savior, and the Savior is your brother, but being his mom would have been pretty awesome in those young years.  As I heard the music beginning to play again, Auggie and I made our way back to our seats.  I prayed the music would drown out his noise.  The rest of the service was still a wrestling match (add holding a candle to that….) but it was still beautiful.  I glanced over at my husband and kids singing “Silent Night” and felt so so so incredibly blessed.  Charlotte carefully held her candle and closed her eyes in worship of our newborn King. Pierson just stared in awe at his candle. (He couldn’t believe his parents were letting him hold fire!)… He did great his first year.  Even my sinful almost two year old looked slightly angelic in the warm candle light at that moment.  After the service it was back to reality of over tired kids.  Have you ever tried to put a coat on a limp noodle?  I have…

Even though we’ve been sick, busy, and overwhelmed, today I am so happy. We didn’t deserve Jesus, and yet he came into our world as a tiny, vulnerable baby.  Born in a dirty stable, and raised by two human parents He came to save us.  (See Luke 2)

So there’s my card, from me to you.  I don’t have a picture perfect shot of our family, it just didn’t happen this year, and if you know me or follow me on facebook, I don’t really have any “new” news, we are just living in the busy world of raising a family.  I am doing my best to really love these little years, and treasure this fleeting time we have to make a big impression in their lives… (A bigger blog post on that soon!) Today I just wanted to soak up their joy and squeals…. next year they will be bigger, and that makes me happy, and yet so sad at the same time.

My prayer is that this year you are blessed to know our Savior too.  What ever season of life you are in, may you know His great love for you.

Here are a few pics from our day…

Pierson didn’t want to take a picture… the boys are trading off being difficult. (and right now they are both taking a Christmas nap! It’s a Christmas miracle.)

Our family.  This picture isn’t perfect, but I am showing it to you anyway, because it is actually as good as we could get today. Do I look tired..?  Well I am! 

Who’s idea was this gift?  Oops.  The spider web silly string lasted about 30 seconds, and took a lot longer then that to clean up.

Their new reading nook from my parents.  Looks cozy huh? 

You should watch this video …Charlotte and I laughed! It might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen.  It totally reminded me of the time my cousins, siblings and I reenacted the Christmas Story.  I wish someone would have video taped it!!

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