August Sleeping

August is almost 2… and he is fighting nap time like crazy lately.  By the time he is asleep, sometimes after the longest wrestling match ever, I am exhausted.  Yesterday he fought it and fought it, looked miserably  tired then finally gave in to his complete exhaustion as it was almost time to think about starting dinner.  I know it’s a faze, they have all done this at some point, I just hope he outgrows it soon and figures out that sleep is awesome… for everyone.  Anyway, my little monster turned in to a complete angel as soon as his heavy eyelids shut, and he let out that big sigh that always happens when they finally drift off.  I had to take a few pics… because I love sleeping baby’s, and I am still learning my new camera.  Isn’t he sweet?  I love him.

If you want to see more pics of my sleeping kids, follow me on Instagram (Amy_Cyphers).  I love documenting moments, and sleeping kids with this app… ok, so I might be a little obsessed.  I admit it. It’s just too fun.


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