…Oh my Darling Clementine

How can you resist this face?? Meet Clementine, our cutie. (get it??)  I’ve missed having a dog.   We are attempting to crate train her, and so far she is doing really well.  I did forget how often a puppy goes potty!  She is doing great at going outside, but boy am I tired!  I thought I was done having babies and getting up in the night.  At least dogs grow up a lot faster then human babies!  The kids are so excited that they have been great at sharing the responsibility.  Charlotte is a little momma, and loves having a puppy the most I think.  The boys love to romp around the yard with her, and she loves chasing them all over the place.  Our shoes, rugs, and anything else left on the floor is no longer safe, but that comes with the territory I suppose.  Clementine is a light chocolate Labradoodle.  She’s half Lab and half Poodle … though she looks like a lab to me!

We are soooo in puppy love with our Clementine.

Have you ever told a puppy to sit and smile for a picture?  It doesn’t work.  She just wanted to lick my lens.

Just like a human baby… lots and lots of sleeping.  Except at 3 am when she wants to poop then play… again just like a human baby.

My favorite shoes…

I told her to tilt her head like this… isn’t it perfect?:)I wish her eyes would stay that bright blue, but I think they will probably turn brown.

This is right after we got her… the kids couldn’t stop staring at her. 

Momma Charlotte.

Clementines first victim… a green crayon.  Or is it Auggie’s 12,345,453th victom?  I guess I better check some teeth…. or poop. (gross!!)

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