my moody boy…

Pierson doesn’t always wake up from a nap super happy… He usually needs to wake up a little on his own before he is ready to talk. (hummmm, reminds me of someone… oh yeah… his dad).  Anyway, my friend Kim inspired me to take some photos with my older-then-dirt, film camera so when Pierson woke up I sat him on this windowsill and took some moody pictures with the ol’ trusty right at “golden hour”.  I was super nervous about the exposure so I took the same exposure with my instant gratification digital camera.  I did a tiny bit of editing, because I can’t help it, but was happy with the outcome.

Now I need to send my film in and see what comes back! (YIKES!) Did/do people really shoot weddings like this? Ok, I did once with a friend ($150 each!), but I was in college and a photography student, and we made $300.  Ok, well… my friend Kristy and I probably lost about $300 after developing lots of film, paying a speeding ticket we got on the way to the wedding (I wasn’t driving!!) and  printing a couple hundred photos that we put into an album we purchased.  I would totally freak out to shoot a wedding like that now… (I didn’t know much) … Live and learn right?

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