{Faith 52} Song of Soloman 3:4

“For I have found the one whom my soul loves.”

Song of Soloman 3:4

….It’s coming… that’s right, just a few more days until February 14th! I personally do love Valentines day.  I know lots of people look at it as a holiday Hallmark must have invented to make a bigger sale, but I don’t even care if they did.  It’s a great Holiday….. I like being romantic.

Bryson and I started our marriage on September 17th with a beautiful garden wedding.  It was such a beautiful day! We had an awesome honeymoon in Maui, and then … just a few weeks later found out we were expecting.  Oops, and surprise! Of course we wouldn’t trade Charlotte for anything, but it was a tough way to start our marriage, especially since we had decided to not even have a conversation about having kids for a year. {I had to break that rule early!} We were scared and excited.  I did have a good cry and freak out, but then I realized this was a blessing, even if I didn’t know it yet.  From that very first appointment where I heard that little beating heart, I was in love!  My changing body wasn’t what I expected it to be the first year of marriage, but Bryson found me attractive anyway.  The following years have been filled with babies, diapers, and lots of love.  When I look at these little faces and see my husband and myself in them I can’t help but be amazed by our creator, and love Bryson more then ever.  Of course we have our ups and downs, like any marriage, but because our loved is based on something bigger then us, and because we made a promise to God, we will always make it work. We laugh a lot… I love that about our relationship.  We don’t always {or ever} agree, but we can usually come up with a great compromise if we work together and keep humor in our lives.

Now I need to get busy and figure out if it isn’t too late to get a sitter to maybe have a night out with my man!  I kinda wait last minute for these things.:)

I truly have found the one my soul loves. Thank you God for that blessing.


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