{ Faith 52 } Genesis 1, And God saw it was good.

I love Gods creation! Nature is where I feel closest to my Savior, and it is so refreshing to my soul.  My mom always made me go outside for a “nature nurture” when I was a kid which just meant “Get out and go for a walk!” I would come in after spending time by the creek in the trees feeling calm and refreshed.  Last week was really tough; we were hit with a snow storm and I was a single mom while Bryson was traveling for work… I may have over done the emergency supplies from Wal-Mart, and surviving everyday was my priority.  I didn’t have time to get this blog post done, though I did dwell on it a lot.  I wanted so badly to photograph nature… with out the white stuff I’ve already been photographing. when I think of “creation” my mind immediately goes to green grass, warm wind, and wild animals jumping around a field… there isn’t anything green here right now and I had no idea what I should photograph for Genesis 1.  Yesterday my mother and father in law gave me two violets for my birthday on the 28th and I knew I had my subject for the week.  The detail in these flowers is mind blowing! The pedals almost look like they were painted with watercolors.  Isn’t God creative?  I constantly think about what an amazing artist God is… every sunset, every baby animal, every tiny flower pedal is stamped with his watermark of beauty and truth.  My children are constant reminders too… sons and a daughter of the King of Kings they amaze me with their creativity and abilities reflecting their creator to me daily.  Sure, they reflect our need for a Savior as well {ahhhem, yes daily}, let’s be honest… they are little sinners, just like I am.  {but that would be another chapter in Genesis, not this weeks chapter..}

I encourage you to read the first book of the bible again, Genisis 1.  We just read it again in our children’s Bible together and every time it is so beautiful.

Here are a few pictures of my little artists.  I don’t know if these pictures really go with my “theme” but I wanted to share anyway.  They are fearfully and wonderfully made too…  just like green grass, and every other living creature.


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