What is “The Wild Child”?

Hey friends!!!  You may he seen that I am making some changes with my business… I want this blog post to be completely honest so here goes!!

My business Cyphers Photography & Design was started almost 7 years ago!  It has evolved, just like I have, and has come to be something that I love but also struggled with.  Being a mom, and running a business, even if I say it’s part time, has run me ragged.  I’ve always wanted to just work for a photographer, or partner with one.  I had an offer even in the last year to do just that! And it didn’t feel right… it was just going to be too hard to juggle my kids and working for someone full time.  I don’t want to regret not being here for my kids, and I want to be the one that raises them, so that requires sacrifice sometimes… lots of times actually.  This winter has been tough! Even as I type that we are fighting yet another sickness.  August has a severe ear infection… I had a freak out moment yesterday when I noticed blood dripping from it.  (Don’t worry!  He is fine, we were at the ENT today and they got us some high power ear drops) Anyway, it’s been a tough winter… and it is hard to stay caught up with sick kids and sick me.  We have been taking turns for the last 3 months I think.  I’ve been lonely, sometimes and 7 years of working alone has been getting to me.  I love creative environments where colleagues can bounce ideas off each other and those ideas grow and thrive.  It’s where I came from as a graphic designer in KC, and I miss that so much. I miss grown ups.  Self employment, and being a stay at home mom, are both things that I pour my heart into, and both of these worlds can get lonely… even with a toddler glued on my hip all day.

So… where’s the rainbow? :)Because you know there always is one right??  After months of praying and even debating on if I wanted to keep my business going, I made a new friend.  My friends name is Kim Bear.  Sometimes it is funny how God works… I mean, I was feeling like someone had died and mourning my business, and He sends Kim.  We met and talked at length about photography and how much we loved shooting. Since she wasn’t from Holton and had just moved here I felt comfortable talking to her about my business struggles, and asked her advice too.  After lots of talking one day I just said we should work together! I think we both started laughing because we knew that together we could do some great things.  We talked about this idea of photographing what we loved and inviting others to join us instead of shooting everything, and shooting what everyone else was shooting.  We talked about how we could make this a unique experience, offering video, and two shooters from two perspectives, unique props, and lots of imagination.  We are both inspired by our children, and decided to start there… by creating stories they love and we love with images as artwork.  Something else we both enjoy is teaching camera classes, and we talked about making that a part of our business plan because photography is something we want to share with others.

So here I am… If you see me smiling, it’s because I am excited about what “The Wild Chid Photography” is doing… and it’s because I don’t have to work alone all the time. What about Cyphers Photography??? Well, I still have jobs to finish, and lots of baby planners.  I wouldn’t leave anyone hanging.  You aren’t going to miss Cyphers Photography… because what I am offering with Kim is going to be so much better.  You just wait!:)  My blog is staying put…there are lots of memories and stories here.  It’s been my journey, and I can’t just get rid of it.  I will eventually change the look, and it will be about my family more then it already is.  I will include crafts, iPhoneography, and whatever else I may find interesting and beneficial.  I would love to be like the Pioneer Woman and share tons of awesome recipes, but I am sure you already know how to cook a frozen pizza, open a bag of salad, and boil noodles for Mac n’ Cheese.   Maybe I will put my mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe on here sometime… it is amazing, and it is something I am great at making.

You should check out the new blog Kim and I put together!  www.thewildchildphotography.com.  It isn’t “done” but you can get an idea of what we are doing there.  Oh, and you have to check out “Little Red”.  I will post the video here for you too, but go look at the images Kim and I put together!  We still have openings if you have a Little Red. The Wild Child is going to be awesome.  If you are use to my prices, the new price list isn’t much different, except we are offering more fine art products, and even video.

It feels great to share what’s been going on in my heart.  I love each of my clients and I can’t wait to keep shooting you with even more resources then before.


Wild Child presents {Little Red} from Wild Child on Vimeo.

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