a busy busy day

I am a photographer… just a photographer two, or three days a week, the other days I am home with my kids juggling preschool, nap time, games, playing at the park, and enforcing time outs.  Sometimes my days of shooting can get busy!  I love this life and wouldn’t trade it though so I am not going to complain.  Keeping up is hard, and sometimes just impossible because my kids come before my job, but I am definitely doing the best I can.

Yesterday I had 4 sessions.  That is kind of a lot for me… but I managed to have 4 awesome sessions.  I wanted to share a photo or two from each session of the day.

First on the list was Miss Amanda.  We had an early morning session so I really had to rush to get ready for this one.  Amanda is going to have a princess party, and my idea was to have her stand, or sit on this awesome rock wall by my house.  When I look out at this spot it just feels like a fairy tail to me and I knew right away that it would be perfect for Cinderella…. er… Amanda to have her photos taken right there.

Next on my schedule was a beautiful 5 month old named Kolton.  I love this little guy’s big blue eyes and full head of hair.  He is just a little guy, and has already had 3 haircuts!  I wish my hair would grow that fast sometimes.  He gave me some precious grins, and didn’t fuss at all.  He is at such a fun age of discovery and loved to feel all the textures I placed him on.

After Kolton’s session I had a beautiful little 8 day old baby named Joely Ann.  She is just precious, and did something that I have never had happen in a session… she SMILED… seriously she is 8 days old!  It was just a nano second but I totally caught it!  I know she wasn’t really smiling at me…babies usually don’t do that until they are a couple months old, but I would like to think she was… maybe it was just gas, but maybe just maybe Joely loves having her photo taken by me.:)

My 4th session was making me nervous.  I was excited but the lady that hired me to take these is a photographers wife.  Her husband Dave does amazing wedding photography, he just doesn’t photograph kids.  Still…. I was freaking out just a little.

Beau and Maggie were fun.  Rachel, their mommy, wanted some alley photographs of Beau so that is where we started.  After the really awesome ally we went to Ward Mead park where the tulips are insane right now.  It was beautiful!  I want to bring my kids in a day or two to photograph them at this location as well.  It is just to pretty to miss.

When the day was done, I downloaded hundreds of files and backed them all up on my external hard drives…. and crashed in to bed.  In the morning I was greeted by two happy kids and we have been playing outside all day together.  It isn’t an easy to be mommy, and a wife, and try to be the best photographer I can be but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I thank God that I am able to do both and hope that he uses my skills to bring beauty to other peoples lives.

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