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    Hi, my name is Amy. I am a wife to my hard working husband, mommy to three beautiful kids, and I am an artist. I am a pretty simple person, and I am working hard to share God's beauty through photography and art. Thanks for visiting my blog. Here you will find lots of images, and my own daily musings about life. :)

…Oh my Darling Clementine

How can you resist this face?? Meet Clementine, our cutie. (get it??)  I’ve missed having a dog.   We are attempting to crate train her, and so far she is doing really well.  I did forget how often a puppy goes potty!  She is doing great at going outside, but boy am I tired!  I thought I was done having babies and getting up in the night.  At least dogs grow up a lot faster then human babies!  The kids are so excited that they have been great at sharing the responsibility.  Charlotte is a little momma, and loves having a puppy the most I think.  The boys love to romp around the yard with her, and she loves chasing them all over the place.  Our shoes, rugs, and anything else left on the floor is no longer safe, but that comes with the territory I suppose.  Clementine is a light chocolate Labradoodle.  She’s half Lab and half Poodle … though she looks like a lab to me!

We are soooo in puppy love with our Clementine.

Have you ever told a puppy to sit and smile for a picture?  It doesn’t work.  She just wanted to lick my lens.

Just like a human baby… lots and lots of sleeping.  Except at 3 am when she wants to poop then play… again just like a human baby.

My favorite shoes…

I told her to tilt her head like this… isn’t it perfect?:)I wish her eyes would stay that bright blue, but I think they will probably turn brown.

This is right after we got her… the kids couldn’t stop staring at her. 

Momma Charlotte.

Clementines first victim… a green crayon.  Or is it Auggie’s 12,345,453th victom?  I guess I better check some teeth…. or poop. (gross!!)

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{Faith 52} Proverbs 4:26

Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established. Proverbs 4:26

If you follow me on facebook, I’ve already shared these images, but I wanted to share them here too because they mean so much to me and really tie in well with the verse of the week, though it is the verse for last week… oops.

One of the reasons I am slow in posting on this verse is because I wanted to talk to Bryson about it first… He is our spiritual leader, and I didn’t want to write about the path, or direction our family is headed with out talking to the stud himself.  We had an amazing conversation, and definitely needed that talk and reminder again that we are on a spiritual path.  The theme of the verse *ponder your path* made me really think… errrrr…. ponder this last couple of weeks.  We have had so many path’s as a family, and with each baby, selling our house, buying a house, job changes, church changes have all been different choices that affect our path.  I would like to say that we prayerfully ponder each and every decision, but sometimes we don’t… Big decisions, of course, but sometimes small decisions we make too swiftly, often flying by the seat of our pants {ok, mostly me, I tend to be pretty spontaneous}.  I have been feeling convicted about this lately because I am so busy.  This doesn’t give me the time I need to really ponder {there’s that word again!}  my decisions.

Now that we have 3 little people our big decisions are even more important.  It isn’t just our path as adults, but their paths too, as our children.  They look up to us and our decisions so much, we are helping God mold them in to the men and young woman then are becoming… Yikes! What a big job, and one not to be taken lightly.  It’s my prayer for our family and yours that you, and I prayerfully ponder the path of our feet.

One of the reasons I chose these images of my husband and boys is because someday they will all be men, they will all be path leaders, and my prayer is that they will be great spiritual leaders for their future wives and kids.  Whatever path they choose, I pray it is prayerfully considered, and honoring to God… nothing in the world would give this momma more joy then that.

Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established. Proverbs 4:26


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Princess dress, and a warm windy day..

It was warm and windy the day I took these images….. 77 in January.  Today, just 2 days later there is a blanket of snow on the ground and school has been closed for the day. (We are still in our pj’s)  Oh Kansas, why do you tease us?  I want 77 degrees back now, thanks.

Charlotte loves to play in this dress that my mom made me when I was in first grade.  I was a princess in it for Halloween, and also wore it in my school Christmas program at the Denison grade school.  Growing up mom made us several outfits. I am still amazed by her ability sew. She is so talented!

I love these images of my Charlotte Faith.  I feel so blessed to have a daughter.  Lately I have been teaching her how to use watercolors.  Its been so fun to reconnect with my love for painting, and to share it with her.  She is a great artist!

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O So Sweet Ellie

Ellie was such a sweet girl for her first pictures and I loved capturing them for this family.  Her birthday is on Christmas day!! What an amazing gift to receive… a brand new baby. Ellie’s aunt made her the little green pod thing… isn’t it cute!!? Amy (Ellie’s mommy) made Auggie’s cake and cookies for his birthday party this last weekend.  She is amazing… the cake didn’t just look good, it tasted awesome too!  Anyway, her business is O So Sweet Cookies (click on the name to it out!) and she does some great work!

Oh, here’s the cake Amy O. made me for August’s birthday!  Pretty neat huh??? It was amazing.  Thanks Amy, for letting me capture these precious times with your family, and for baking me a cake and cookies!

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January 30, 2013 - 8:54 AM

Brenda - These pictures are just precious! Miss Ellie is a beautiful baby!

{Faith 52} Matthew 11:28

 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” ~Matthew 11:28

I’ve been thinking of this verse all week.. If you are just catching up with me, I am doing an image every week based on a bible verse along with a group of photographers.  I have yet to post one in time to have it included on the group blog, but that’s okay.  I am blogging them, and as long as I keep going with it it’s all good.

 All week I’ve been thinking about the images that come to mind when I think of this verse, and they are all pictures of me with my hot cup of coffee, feet up enjoying my latest photography magazine…. or maybe reading my bible.  Instead my coffee is in the microwave for the third time, and the only thing I have read is my daughters spelling words, Brown Bear Brown Bear, and a few Facebook posts.

My days are spent running here and there, cleaning, cooking, building towers, braiding hair, and wiping sweet little noses over, and over, and over {well this time of year}, changing diapers, pouring dirt out of little shoes, and chipping away at my mountain of laundry that grows instead of shrinks. When the kids are at the sitter, I am shooting and editing pictures, sometimes not even stopping for lunch because I am trying to get it all done before 5.  When I do sit for a minute, I feel anxious, like I need to be doing something… there’s always things to do.  I am not bitter about any of the tasks that I have to do… I LOVE my kids, husband, and work so much.  I think right now I am just worn out.  It doesn’t seem fair… that I don’t get to relax. Raising kids is work.  Here’s a quote from a book called  Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches that I loved.

“When God gives us children, it is work that He is giving us.  Work that comes with huge attendant blessings and bonuses, but work nonetheless.”

My precious work is there after 5, it’s up in the night and early in the morning.  I can’t shut it down like a computer, and sometimes the hours seem endless.  They don’t come without rewards, smiles, hugs, and lots of really mushy kisses…. but boy do they like to interrupt my sleep aka rest.

… then I figured it out.  The key word of this verse isn’t rest.  I’ve been looking at this verse all wrong.  “Come to me…” That’s the key.  He will give me rest.  I’ve been trying to do it all on my own, and I admit it, I don’t find my rest in Him {Jesus} the way I should.  This season of life I am busy, I am overwhelmed, and I am guilty of not laying my burdens down at his feet because I don’t think I have time.  It’s time for me to simplify, clean out the things I don’t need to be doing, and go to Him.  I am going to challenge myself this week to wake up and spend time in the word and prayer.  I think even 10 minutes would make a big difference in my day.  I am also going to look seriously at my work and life to see where I can make changes.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” ~Matthew 11:28 …. He knows..I am not the only one that is tired, chances are you are too.  I hope that you are able to go to Him, to find rest.  Sweet sweet rest.  Who knows… maybe I will even take a nap today… or maybe I will clean up spilled milk for the 3rd time today… It’s ok if I do… I mean, look at those eyes.


p.s.  Here’s a link to the book by Rachel Jankovic I quoted on Amazon.  If you are a mom of little ones… I highly recommend this book. The chapters are short so you can actually read one or two a day and I felt so encouraged by the end.  I bet you would too.:)


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January 24, 2013 - 9:11 PM

Miriah - I am so glad you loved that book! I enjoyed it too! I am loving your project 52. I have been feeling so many of the same things.

I am so thankful to call you friend–after all these years!

One special thing God has been blessing me with are sunsets. My kitchen window faces West and I have been saving a few dishes everyday for that magic time when the sky is painted in the most surreal and exquisite colors, it makes that daily chore a gift! And such a lavish reminder of His love!

love you!

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