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    Hi, my name is Amy. I am a wife to my hard working husband, mommy to three beautiful kids, and I am an artist. I am a pretty simple person, and I am working hard to share God's beauty through photography and art. Thanks for visiting my blog. Here you will find lots of images, and my own daily musings about life. :)

Megan + Matt

I am so excited for Matt and Megan to tie the knot this spring!  Matt is my husbands older brother and he found the perfect soul mate in Megan {she is awesome}.  The other great part about this wedding is Megan is bringing two little girls in to our family as well.  My kids FINALLY have first cousins and they are so excited about that! We had a great photo session and the leaves hadn’t all quite fallen yet.  It’s always an honor to photograph my family, and create memories for them and with them.  Bring on the wedding bells… We are sooooooo ready!

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We are in the country now and loving it!  I still have boxes to unpack, but right now, I am too exhausted to care… too much.:-)  Last time we moved we had one baby {and a week later 2 babies} and moving wasn’t a big deal…. we didn’t have as much stuff. 4 years and two babies later, we have a lot more “stuff” {good grief I should be on an episode of Hoarders!}. Slowly we are getting unpacked, and we love the feeling of freedom we have living outside the city limits. The kids love running and playing outdoors here, it’s so fun to watch them discover nature and have a blast just running around. Sunday when we woke up we had 2 doe and 2 fawns in the back yard we watched for several minutes, and again later that morning.  They were just walking around eating.  It was such a beautiful sight… of course all three of my boys {I’m including their dad} had to pretend to shoot them.  Oh well! LOL

I had a full day of editing sessions and catching up yesterday.  My creative outlet {aka Charlotte} hopped off the bus at 3:30 and we went for a little photo adventure on our property before picking up the boys.  It was refreshing… the crisp fall air, the walking, and just being creative.  I needed that.

If you are a current client, thank you so much for your patience.  I am catching up, and that is a great feeling.

p.s.  The final pic is not a photograph of the interior of our new home…:-)It’s an old milk barn on our property…. My new {very rustic} studio, complete with a very dead, pet coyote.

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October 11, 2012 - 10:30 AM

Cynthia Teter - I want to know how you get your daughter to pose often for you. Will she model later in life. Enjoyed the blog and always the photo’s.

Baby Cason and his Family in the great outdoors

According to Kaylee, baby Casson’s mom, they are a very outdoorsy family.  It was the perfect warm fall day for some outdoorsy newborn photos.  I don’t get very many opportunities to do newborns outside because the weather is seldom perfect (warm with no wind) for them.  I am so glad we were able to give it a try.  I think our warm days are numbered!

Isn’t Cason sweet?  He has such awesome parents too.  What a beautiful family you have Wheelers.  Thanks for letting me capture this fleeting time.

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October 3, 2012 - 8:27 PM

Brenda - These are beautiful! I don’t know whether to congratulate the photographer or the subjects.

Tutu fun.

It’s always more fun when yards and yards of tulle and little girls are involved.  I loved these tutu’s Brandy {mom} had purchased for Tabby and Chloe’s session with me. We had a blast in one of my favorite morning session spots.

Chloe had some birthday cake as well…. and I LOVED her approach in eating it.  She didn’t mess around or pinch little bits of frosting like some little girls do.  It was a fun moment to to catch.

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The Clayton Family in the Orchard….

Family sessions are starting to be my favorites.  Freezing these  fleeting moments for people with growing families is such a fulfilling job, and I am always honored to do it.  The Clayton’s were so fun to work with. They refreshed my spirit as a family and as followers of Christ.  Their love for one another is evident and that is something very special to be able to capture on camera.

Ava {the youngest} was the typical challenging 2 year old, but it would have been too easy otherwise!  Owen had some silly 5 year old boy grins, but that is just part of being 5 I think.  I love capturing the fake and real smiles at this age.  Alayna, their 8 year old beauty could seriously model, and her curls just kill me!  I didn’t get a bad picture of that girl.  Rachel and her husband Matt, were awesome subjects as well.

This sessions was taken in the alley way by my studio, and at a new location I mentioned in my previous blog post that has a beautiful lane and orchard.  Joyce Shupe has apples, pears, and peach trees, and graciously allowed me to photograph this session there.  I think the Clayton’s made some fun memories during this session.  I know I sure did.  Joyce even brought them a sack to take some fruit home in… much better then my typical smarty bribes.

After a family session, or any session, I really like to bring you back in to view your images with me.  Sure, you can do this at home in front of your computer in your free time, but I have found the many folks don’t know what they want on their walls and end up settling for 8×10’s and 5×7’s.  The goal of the viewing session is for us to narrow down your options.  You don’t need every photograph I take, and I can help you narrow down your options so you don’t feel overwhelmed.  After that process we can go through and find what you want to hang on your wall.  A lot of times I have a few options ready to show you, and if that isn’t what you want I can design something with you right there!  It just works out well.  I still do put them online for about a week after we meet for gift print ordering.  That way grandma’s and other family members can view them too and order what they would like.

Doing these viewing sessions has limited the number of sessions I can take because I am meeting people twice, but it has helped everyone feel satisfied {myself included} with the products and art they get for their walls. It’s a win-win.

Photographers: These guides are awesome, and so easy to use.  The Photographer’s Wall Display Guides have made my life easier and helped me make bigger sales.  I think She even has a new app for iPads!  You could meet a client in their home and have the displays ready to show them!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you how that works.  This fall is going to be really busy because my family is packing up and moving!!!  {ok, about 5 miles away, but still… tons of work!!}  I am not taking on many sessions because of this move during my usual busy photography season.  I still have just a few spots open and I may add a big family shoot day to get in as many families as I can as well.  Thanks for understanding!  I will be up and running again late fall, and early winter.  Maybe we will get some pretty snow this year and I can do more snow sessions!  I would love that!!

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